Hospice is my Home

“Hospice has really become my home away from home since moving in. Everyone – staff & volunteers – do all they can to make me comfortable. They always make me feel like I am their priority and will bend over backwards to make my day better” shared Terry.

Terry lost his wife about 2 years ago and with his family living out of province, it was difficult for him to continue to care for himself at home once he got sick. Terry loves that he can stay in contact with family with frequent phone calls and internet communication.

His son Graeme shared how much they appreciate Hospice. “When I was young, my dad held my hand and guided me through life. Since Dad moved into Hospice, I find myself wanting to hold his hand and tell him it’s OK and don’t worry about us, his kids. It’s hard living so far away from him but knowing he is being taken care of so well at Hospice makes it much easier to leave after a visit”.

Terry commented on how much he appreciates that staff and volunteers so willingly take a few minutes to chat with him. He describes this as “social care” and says that it’s made all the difference for him.

“It’s amazing how everyone is interested in my history, my family, and my friends. When someone visits, they always go out of the way to make them feel welcome”.

When he’s not chatting with volunteers and staff, Terry enjoys watching television as it helps pass the time and keeps him company. “I can have great naps while watching television” jokes Terry.

Terry still is able to enjoy his meals and was amazed when the staff made him some of his favourite foods – fried green tomatoes and clam chowder soup.

“From the minute you walk into Hospice, you are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. It’s quite amazing and I can’t thank the staff and volunteers enough!”

Photo Caption: Terry (seated) with son Graeme and daughter-in-law Tammy.