Hospice Hero Monthly Giving Program

What makes a Hero?

A hero is selfless, a genuinely good person who causes positive change through their actions. You might be a little reluctant to declare yourself a hero but by joining our Monthly Giving Program, that’s what you will be to our future Hospice families.

Double your Impact! Join our Monthly Giving Program today and, for a limited time, your monthly gift will be matched for 12 months!

The Monthly Match goal of $25,000 made possible by:


Your monthly gift, whatever the size, will make an immediate difference to families when they need it the most. You will help people live their final days in comfort and peace and you will provide a meaningful way for families to say good-bye.

Generosity from people like you is absolutely essential. We must raise over $157,000 every month to pay for operating costs not included in our government funding. Our needs are ongoing, and so your ongoing support is vital.

Our hospice families tell us it’s the little things that really make the difference, like the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, the attentive staff and volunteers, the home cooked meals. Your donations make this happen!

Here are some examples of how your annual gift can make a difference:

  • $10 monthly provides housekeeping for one day
  • $25 monthly provides fresh linens for a week
  • $42 monthly covers expenses for 1 resident for a day
  • $58 monthly provides 1 Hospice resident with internet & cable for a month
  • $73 monthly buys groceries for 1 week

Options to Sign Up:

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Becoming a Hospice Hero is easy, convenient and makes a difference all year long! You can customize your payments to fit into your budget and, if your budget changes, you can change your payments at any time.

Have questions? Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Dr. Colin and Rebecca Bryan

    Monthly and Gift In Will donors to the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation

    “Having worked with palliative patients for over three decades, we know the value of relieving family members of the awful burden of being primary caregivers. Hospice allows them to spend precious quality moments together. We are also aware of the ongoing costs of providing this care. Our monthly donation, along with yours, will give the Chatham-Kent Hospice the assurance that this wonderful service can continue from year to year. We have also made provisions in our Will to leave a bequest to them after we are gone. We encourage you to consider becoming a monthly donor, regardless of how much you can afford to give.”

  • Jane & Joe

    Hospice Heroes

    "We've known many people who have benefited from the services offered at Chatham-Kent Hospice and donating on a monthly basis is a very easy way we can ensure that the services continue to be available in our community. We really like that the donation is charged to our credit card each month and we don't have to think about it. Knowing we can change our donation or withdrawal from the program at any time is also reassuring."

  • Randy and Cathy Foster

    “We believe in end-of-life care and the services offered by Chatham-Kent Hospice that is why we are monthly donors. It is an easy way we can give to help others in our community. We have had friends whose family have been Hospice residents and we have only heard wonderful things. Although we have not had a family member stay at Hospice, we have experienced loss. The support offered through the Chatham-Kent Hospice Grief Walks program was an enormous help in dealing with the recent loss of our son. Life has its ups and downs but knowing our monthly donation is helping families as they say good-bye to their loved one makes us feel good.”

  • Diane & Fred DeMeyer

    Monthly Giving Testimonial

    Who knows when you or someone close to you will need hospice care. We have had several close friends who have benefited from Chatham-Kent Hospice which provides a kind, supportive environment. It was gratifying to see the benefits of the compassionate and excellent care they received. This became a strong motivator to become a monthly donor. It is so easy to set up.  Once you choose the amount that best suits you, you don’t even miss it!

  • Janis Taylor

    Monthly Giving Testimonial

    "Starting to donate monthly last year was an easy decision. As a weekly volunteer at Hospice for 6 years-since it opened, I can see the need and how families and residents are so appreciative of the amenities they find as comforting as home. None of the food, heat,

    A/C, wifi access and other comforts are government funded but completely rely on donations to cover the cost.

    The biggest incentive was when I saw that my donation would be matched by another generous donor. I was all the more willing to provide a donation monthly. This was exciting news and it is being offered again this year for new monthly donors.

    The hospice philosophy of end-of-life care makes it a little easier for families dealing with this hard time, and monthly donations make it all possible.

    I hope you can join me and become a monthly donor. Any amount pledged will be matched for a full year, doubling your impact, and providing comfort for families during a difficult time."

  • Cathy & Bob Telfer

    Monthly Giving Testimonial

    "I started volunteering for the Hospice in the Foundation office back in February 2014, when things were very much at the conceptual stage. A couple of my relatives had accessed palliative care in  different communities over the years and I have always believed we should have an option locally. I made my first donation in recognition of my birthday in March of that year and continued to do so for a few more years.

     Each week when I come to Hospice to volunteer, I see my donation making a difference. You can see the atmosphere is so positive and supportive. I look forward to seeing the decorations change for each season, marking each special time of year, and the floral arrangements that come weekly. It just gives you an uplifting feeling.

    I was under the misconception, as I think a lot of people are, that Hospice would be fully government funded after it was built. But you realize once you are here that there are a lot of expenses that are not covered.

    When I heard about the option to give monthly I thought ‘Oh, that is so much easier!’ I am still giving the same amount, spread throughout the year, but I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to look ahead to having a lump sum. I know I have the option to change the amount or discontinue any time that I want but giving monthly just works really well for my family. It truly is the easiest way for me to support something I believe in.

    My personal choice would be, when and if we need it, to come here at end-of-life because I think it is such a relief for families to know their loved one is being taken care of and they’re not having the challenge of 24/7 care. It is in no way a depressing place because you know families are getting the care they need at such a difficult time."