Hospice Hero Monthly Giving Program

What makes a Hero?

A hero is selfless, a genuinely good person who causes positive change through their actions.

You might be a little reluctant to declare yourself a hero but by joining our monthly giving program, that’s what you will be to our future Hospice families.

Residents and their families tell us they appreciate Hospice because when they come through the doors they are surrounded by compassion, warmth, peace and belonging.

Your monthly gift, whatever the size, will make an immediate difference to families when they need it the most. You will help people live their final days in comfort and peace and you will provide a meaningful way for families to say good-bye.

Generosity from people like you is absolutely essential. We must raise over $100,000 every month to pay for operating costs not included in our government funding. Our needs are ongoing, and so your ongoing support is vital.

Our hospice families tell us it’s the little things that really make the difference, like the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, the attentive staff and volunteers, the home cooked meals. Your donations make this happen!

Our needs are ongoing, and so your ongoing support is vital.

  • It costs $745 a week to operate the Hospice kitchen
  • Our monthly utility bills covering heat, water, electrical, cable, internet and telephone is $4,000
  • Average cost per resident per day is $382 (after government funding)

    Becoming a Hospice Hero is easy, convenient and makes a difference all year long! You can customize your payments to fit into your budget and, if your budget changes, you can change your payments at any time.

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    Dr. Colin and Rebecca Bryan

    Monthly and Gift In Will donors to the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation

    “Having worked with palliative patients for over three decades, we know the value of relieving family members of the awful burden of being primary caregivers. Hospice allows them to spend precious quality moments together. We are also aware of the ongoing costs of providing this care. Our monthly donation, along with yours, will give the Chatham-Kent Hospice the assurance that this wonderful service can continue from year to year. We have also made provisions in our Will to leave a bequest to them after we are gone. We encourage you to consider becoming a monthly donor, regardless of how much you can afford to give.”

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