St. Andrew’s Residence Announces New Executive Director

September 5, 2014

For Immediate Release

St. Andrew’s Residence Announces New Executive Director

The St. Andrew’s Residence Board of Directors and Chatham-Kent Hospice are pleased to announce the appointment of their new Executive Director, Jessica Smith.

Jessica Smith brings a significant breadth of knowledge and experience with St. Andrew’s Residence where she has been employed for nearly 15 years. Throughout her career at St. Andrew’s, Jessica has worked at all levels of the organization and has become an integral liaison with other community service organizations. Most recently in her role as Interim Chief Executive Officer, Jessica has lead St. Andrew’s Residence through the development stages of the Chatham-Kent Hospice.

Reporting to the St. Andrew’s Residence Board of Directors, Jessica will be responsible for the viability, growth and operations of St. Andrew’s Residence and Chatham-Kent Hospice, including oversight of management agreements between St. Andrew’s Residence and related organizations – St. Andrew’s Terrace Life Lease Residence Inc. and St. Andrew’s Residence, Chatham Foundation. Together with the Boards of Directors and the St. Andrew’s Residence staff, the Executive Director ensures that the approximately 110 residents, 200 community outreach program clients and 250 volunteers of St. Andrew’s Residence and Chatham-Kent Hospice continue to have access to quality services, programs, and resources.

About St. Andrew’s Residence:

The community of St. Andrew’s started with the construction of St. Andrew’s Residence in 1967 and expanded in 1998 to include St. Andrew’s Terrace. As an independent not-for-profit, charitable social enterprise, St. Andrew’s Residence cares for seniors through the operation of a 70-bed retirement facility, a 32 unit life-lease complex, and many community services including Meals on Wheels and Senior’s Day Out. St. Andrew’s Residence is pleased to be working with the Senior Advisory Committee on the Chatham-Kent Age Friendly Project. We have a strong commitment to collaborating with our community partners and value client-centred care above all else.

About Chatham-Kent Hospice:

The Chatham-Kent Hospice ( will be a 10 bed residence with additional space for bereavement counselling, resource library and meeting rooms with the flexibility to grow and play a role in developing a centre of learning for healthcare providers and the families of Chatham-Kent. We are currently in a capital campaign to raise funds to build a 10-bed residential hospice for our community.

Kelley Doyle
Chair, St. Andrew’s Residence Board of Directors
Email: Phone: 519-365-2530