Hospice Reaches Out to the Future

What will Hospice care look like in 100 years? We will never know but the Hospice in the future will have a good understanding of how Chatham-Kent Hospice operated in 2018 with the information being shared through a time capsule.

“We had the idea of sharing what a typical day is like at Hospice by including a number of items we use every day and a brief description of them” shared Jodi Maroney – Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation. “It would be really interesting to be there when the time capsule is opened and see how Hospice care changes over the years.”

Some of the items to be included in the time capsule include clinical items such as a surgical mask & infusor; a volunteer name tag and access card; a typical grocery bill for the week and current event posters. The time capsule will be interned behind a brick in the Courtyard half wall with a plaque giving instructions to open in 100 years.

“We are also recognizing a milestone today” shared Jessica Smith – Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Hospice. “We have recently cared for our 500th resident since opening in April 2016. It’s been quite an honour to care for 500 families from our community and being a part of their life journey.”

Chatham-Kent Hospice could not operate without generous donations from the community and the dedication of time from over approximately 200 volunteers.

Photo Caption: Jessica Smith – Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Hospice; Jodi Maroney – Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation; Steve Walker – Board Chair, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation; Dave Macko – Board Chair, Chatham-Kent Hospice.