CK Hospice Offers Brand New Grief, Bereavement Programs

Blackburn News- Chatham-Kent

BY SARAH COWANJULY 22, 2018 7:07AM@scowannews

Chatham-Kent Hospice is rolling out a brand new series of programs and activities for people dealing with grief and loss.

Outreach Wellness Program Coordinator Caress Lee Carpenter shared information about the new activities at an open house at the Retro Suites Hotel Wednesday afternoon.

“We have one-on-one grief and bereavement counselling, we have yoga for healing. Every Monday over the noon hour we have a different local yoga instructor in there leading that,” she says. “In September, we will beginning our ‘Walking Through Grief,’ and that’s going to be a grief walk program that takes place weekly.”

Carpenter says the hospice also has horticulture therapy programs up and running.

“That’s a various mix of different horticultural activities,” says Carpenter. “We’ve planted seeds, we’ve decorated terracotta pots, and a bunch of different activities that people can utilize for therapeutic [purposes].”

Carpenter says she didn’t know what to expect with the new programs at first, but the feedback has been amazing.

“I think just having something super affordable, as they are all free and accessible in the community, people have been incredible with their responses,” she says.

Carpenter adds that end of life can happen anytime to anyone and the demographics of people coming out to the events hit all over the spectrum.

“We’ve had people coming in utilizing our programs that have lost infants, we’ve had them coming who have lost pregnancies, we’ve had them losing their parents… or unexpected loss or anticipatory grief,” she says. “There’s all different sorts of grief.”


Photo Caption: Outreach Wellness Program Coordinator Caress Lee Carpenter (left) sharing information about the new grief and bereavement programs at the Chatham-Kent Hospice’s Open House. July 18, 2018. (Photo by Sarah Cowan Blackburn News Chatham-Kent).