A Legacy of Love to His Family

Stephanie’s grandfather, Joe D’Hondt, loved his family more than anything and adored nature.  He became a farmer and enjoyed being outside and tending to the pig barn.  You could always find his “buggy” tracks (golf cart) leading back to the bush where he would spend time feeding the chipmunks and listening to the birds sing.  Joe was a loving family man who always looked forward to family dinners, especially KFC as a treat.  His grandchildren remember the fun soccer games held before and after supper.  Saturday nights were set aside for going out with friends and waltzing with his wife, Irene. The two were inseparable and Joe would often say he wouldn’t have survived without her.

Stephanie’s husband Paul hit it off right away with Joe, and always would sit and have a good talk about life.  Paul remembers that Joe loved his family and wife so much and never missed an opportunity to express it with a smile or conversation with his kids and grandchildren whether in person or on the phone.  National Geographic would always be playing in the background showing animals in different habitats.

When Joe was moved into the Chatham-Kent Hospice, Stephanie soon noticed the difference it made for both Grandpa and Grandma.  The care he received at Hospice was second to none and allowed him to be at peace in a secure and safe environment.  Grandma was able to participate in his care while receiving all the support she needed.  Joe was even able to be wheeled outside in his bed to the Courtyard where he could take in the fresh air and sunshine that he was accustomed to.  This most definitely made Joe feel more at home. All of the extended family were able to spend sacred time with him in his final days which they treasure.

“We are thankful and grateful to the staff and volunteers at Chatham-Kent Hospice.  Their compassion and attentive care made us feel like they were part of our family and reflected the expression of love we experienced from our grandparents growing up” shared Stephanie.

As Stephanie and Paul begin their life together, they wanted to do something to ensure others are able to have the same experience.  They generously chose, in lieu of wedding gifts and favours, that family and friends make a donation to Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation to support other families in life’s final journey.

Thank you and best wishes Stephanie & Paul!